Equine Enrichment

Equine Enrichment

Equine Experiential Education & Enrichment Programs

In addition to providing equine-assisted therapy and sport services for rehabilitation and recreation, we also partner with horses to provide farm-based enrichment. Carlisle Academy operates out of Spring Creek Farm, a 150 acre working farm, comprised of field, pastures and wood lots. We use the whole farm environment to create a sensory-rich learning experience. 


Carlisle partners with agencies who work with at-risk youth and young adults, senior citizens, veterans, and individuals recovering from addiction during ongoing weekly enrichment programs. These groups are led by nationally credentialed instructors and professional horse handlers who follow an equine-experiential learning model rather than an equine-facilitated psychotherapy model. Participants bond and communicate with horses through grooming and ground-based team-building exercises which enhance overall wellness and personal growth.  (UP TO 10 PARTICIPANTS)

Groom Only Senior Group (1 hour per week) 
Tuition: $350 per person; 6-week session 
Schedule: Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall 
Ground-Based Enrichment (2 hours per week) 
Tuition: $900 per person; 6-week session  Schedule: Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall 


The Farmscape Program is designed for a cohort of up to four adults for 6 or 12 weeks to gain exposure to the everyday management of a working farm. Horse-powered farming provides viable agricultural solutions and helps us connect to the land and one another in a purposeful, authentic way. A choice of 100 or 300 clock hours of practical education and job skills training is provided by professional farm staff trained in sustainable agriculture. Participants can help harvest hay, spread manure on the fields for fertilization, rotationally graze sheep, and extract fire and pulpwood from the farm’s woodlot. Participants also receive a weekly ground-based equine lesson to help them understand equine temperament, non-verbal communication, and trust. This program is appropriate for vocational training for non-traditional learners, veterans, and individuals with disabilities who have the requisite support. A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the term. (UP TO 4 PARTICIPANTS)

Duration: 300 clock hours total 
Tuition: $3000 per person; 12-week session 
Schedule: Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall 
Duration: 100 clock hours total
Tuition: $1000 per person; 6-week session  Schedule: Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall 

“I grew up on a farm in Maryland and was very active in showing cattle and working with our four quarter horses. I appreciated my childhood of farm work and the values it instilled in me. After a few years at college, I began a career in the military which brought me around the world. As a combat vet of multiple wars, I have been diagnosed with PTSD. I have had a lot of help with it and great support from family and friends. That said, I wanted to continue to seek the types of experience that would assist me in managing my day to day challenges. I was fortunate to connect with Carlisle Academy and participate in a farm-based program. My experience connecting with the horses and staff has been transformational. It allowed me to gain useful knowledge, and continue my spiritual, mental, and physical growth and recovery. From a more practical standpoint, I am in the market for a small farm, and this experience has given me the foundation and confidence to do so.”

-Matt D., Veteran


Carlisle provides 1-day and 3-day team development retreats, designed for corporate groups, medical professionals, military teams, non-profits, and leadership cohorts. Interactions between horses and humans simulates workplace dynamics, providing a unique opportunity to develop interpersonal skills beyond the traditional classroom training. Because horses are masters of communication and leadership, participants can expect to gain awareness of self and others, build trust, and recognize the strengths each individual can offer. All programs are led by certified professional facilitators. Pre-program consultation and post-program summary report are included for 3-day retreats only.  (MINIMUM OF 6 – UP TO 10  PARTICIPANTS)

1 Day Team Experience
Tuition: $300 per person; 4 hours 
Schedule: Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall 
3 Day Team & Leader Experience
Tuition: Contract Price Schedule: Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall 

For more information, contact the office at 207-985-0374, or email your inquiry to info@carlisleacademymaine.com.