Working Farmscape Program

Working Farmscape Program

The Working Farmscape Program at Carlisle Academy has been operating since 2018 with a goal of connecting participants to nature-based and equine-based learning to gain exposure to the everyday management of a working farm. This program is designed for a small group (up to 6) to attend ½ day workshops, as scheduled throughout the year. The program is led by Carlisle founder and farm manager Nick Armentrout, and assisted by Matt Day, Carlisle’s Veterans and Military Liaison. Together they have led groups of veterans challenged with PTSD, adults with disabilities gaining new adaptive farming skills, and high school vocational rehabilitation students looking for an alternative hands-on education. 

Carlisle Academy operates out of Spring Creek Farm, a 150-acre working crop and livestock farm, comprised of hayfields, pastures and an active wood lot. Holistic and regenerative farming using tractor and draft horse-power provides viable agricultural models and helps us connect to the land and one another in a purposeful, authentic way. Depending upon the season, participants will have the opportunity to help harvest hay, spread compost, rotationally graze sheep, perform numerous maintenance tasks, and extract fire and pulpwood from our woodlot. Participants also receive ground-based education in livestock handling to better understand animal temperament, non-verbal communication, and trust. All dates are posted on the Carlisle calendar.

Please see here to read a review of the 2019 Pilot Program.

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