Para-Dressage Program

Para-Dressage Program

As a USEF/USPEA Para-Equestrian Center of Excellence, Carlisle is proud to serve emerging athletes in Para-Dressage with ongoing instruction with Carlisle’s resident Silver Level USEF Para-Dressage Coach, as well as visiting Dressage and Para-Dressage clinicians. Riders may choose to attend clinics only or participate in ongoing instruction for 45-minute private sessions on trained school horses. 

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See examples below of past para-dressage clinics for coaches and athletes with first-rate clinicians.

What is Para-Dressage? Para-Dressage is an equestrian sport governed by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI). It is conducted in similar fashion to conventional dressage, but with riders divided into different competition grades based on their functional abilities, and is the only equestrian discipline recognized at the Paralympics. “Para” refers to parallel to able-bodied sports, designed for the independent rider with permanent, physical and visual disabilities seeking a competitive track. Within this unique sport orientation, athletes may pursue a national or international (FEI) sport classification which allows them to compete at recognized regional, national and international horse shows. 

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