Academic Fieldwork

As a learning community we provide approved academic fieldwork placements and experiences that intersect with the fields of health, wellness, and education in this non-traditional setting. All students receive supervision and mentoring by credentialed professionals in their field of study and according to accredited fieldwork guidelines.

Since 2011, we have worked with over 100 high school, college, and graduate-level interns in the study of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Therapeutic Recreation, Equine Science, and Animal Behavior. We have contracted with universities around the country, including the University of New England, University of New Hampshire, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Elon University, and the University of Tennessee.

Today our deepest investment remains in the field of occupational therapy, where we offer Level 1 & 2 occupational therapy fieldwork placements for 1-week to 12-week immersion programs respectively. We incorporate the equine-facilitated wellness program, working farmscape program, para-dressage sports for athletes with disabilities and an evolving horticultural program.

In 2021 we begin a new academic affiliation with the Duke University Occupational Therapy Doctorate Division for fieldwork experiences and certificate programs.

All fieldwork placements are tuition-based programs. Please inquire about an application packet.

Mentorship & Certificate Programs

Sam proudly displays certificate

Carlisle Academy provides Mentorship & Certificate Programs for a variety of equine-based skills. These programs take place onsite at the Academy and combine practical, hands-on learning with lecture-based education, adding to a person’s vocational training, micro-credentialing, career preparation or continuing education credits. These programs emphasize best practices in the chosen scope of study as well as effective teamwork and communication in the work environment, providing support for college or job applications. All graduates will receive a certificate of completion.

All programs span 50 hours. Schedules can be customized to different configurations of days and hours per week. All certificate programs have a tuition of $1500, and a $250 deposit is required upon acceptance. Please inquire about an application packet.  

Carlisle Academy Mentorship & Certificate Programs include: 

  • Para-Dressage Apprentice Coach Mentorship (based on the USEF Para-Dressage Coach Apprentice Level Criteria) – 50 hours
  • Horse Handling Certificate (based on Carlisle Academy’s Therapeutic Horse Handling Curriculum) – 50 hours
  • Stable Management Certificate – (based on the Pony Club Curriculum, C-Level Criteria) – 50 hours

For more information, contact the office at 207-985-0374, or email your inquiry to