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Dear Carlisle Academy Students, Apprentices & Families,

We miss you at the farm! As you know on March 13, 2020, we suspended activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which we know is impacting everyone in our community. First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and remain so until this situation is resolved. To those on the many different front lines of these circumstances, thank you for all that you are doing.

We are managing here on the farm, with the essential farm staff tending to the daily needs. The horses are healthy and in good hands. The program staff work from home and meet virtually as a group once a week, keeping one another apprised of program developments while also supporting one another through this uncertain time. We are learning new skills in technology and beginning to create Zoom meetings, horsemanship videos, and life on the farm stories through the “Beauty Beat” as ways to stay connected to all of you in our Carlisle community. We hope to share more of those links soon.

Given the many unknowns and the daily changing nature of this situation, our revised start date for the Spring Session of April 27th now appears too ambitious. We are following the Maine CDC guidelines closely and will remain closed for non-essential business according to their dates and recommendations. Suspending all programs could be a matter of weeks or monthsbut the goal is to determine a clear and safe way forward for all involved. It is difficult to assign an exact date. Here is what we plan to do in the interim:

  • We will hold your enrollment information on file and contact you when we are cleared to re-open. At that time we will assess your interest in continuing and resume scheduling communications.
  • In consultation with the Carlisle Charitable Foundation, they have agreed to honor all current scholarships. Recipients will be able to utilize those awards at the first opportunity that we are back in session. 
  • For those who already sent in a co-payment to accompany your scholarship award, we are happy to credit your Academy account or issue a refund.  

At your earliest convenience, please indicate your preferences for any of the above, and as always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have.  

We will continue to keep you updated. Stay safe everyone, stay home, and be well.  

My best wishes always, 
Sarah Armentrout
Head of School


March 31, 2020

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