Working Farmscape Program

Working Farmscape Program

The Working Farmscape Program is a vocational training course using horticulture and animal husbandry to provide practical farm-based skills training and development. The program partners with agencies and schools working with a small group of teens or adults, including Veterans and individuals involved with vocational training or rehabilitation. This program is led by Carlisle’s credentialed instructors, master gardeners, and supported by occupational therapy interns focused on meaningful work and hands-on experiential learning in a restorative farm setting. Participants have the opportunity to care for horses and livestock, rotationally graze sheep, tend to chickens, and perform basic farm and barn chores.

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A history of the original piloted Working Farmscape Program involving Veterans:

As a pilot in 2018 with a goal of connecting participants to nature-based and equine-based learning and gain exposure to the everyday management of a working farm, Carlisle co-founder and farm manager Nick Armentrout, assisted by Matt Day, (formerly Carlisle’s Veterans and Military Liaison) led a group of veterans challenged with PTSD to participate in holistic and regenerative farming using tractor and draft horsepower that helped them connect to the land and one another in a purposeful, authentic way. Please see below for the video of this pilot program.  

*This is a seasonal program.

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