Health & Wellness Programs

Health & Wellness Programs

We believe in utilizing the resources we have to promote health, wellness and life-enriching experiences through the equine, farm, and natural environment. The presence and healing of horses can offer an antidote to the disconnection in our lives today.  A working farm is a model of meaningful occupation and continual stewardship of the land and animals in our care. The surrounding fields and forest offer an outdoor classroom for holistic education. All of these community programs are supported by credentialed instructors/guides as well as occupational therapists promoting inclusion, education, and overall wellbeing. 

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Services Provided

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Play and Prosper Therapy PLLC

We are delighted to partner with Play and Prosper Therapy here at Carlisle Academy.  Play and Prosper Therapy, PLLC is an outpatient, community-based therapy service owned by Heather Ajzenman, OTR/L whose model is to operate private practice satellite programs at partnering farms. Their occupational therapy services specialize in equine movement/hippotherapy and nature for therapeutic intervention. They manage their own therapists and clients, incorporating insurance billing, while contracting with Carlisle Academy for facility and horse use. We are thrilled to have hippotherapy once again on the farm for the betterment of the community and are particularly happy to do so with this highly respected partner.

Equine-Assisted Learning & Wellness

Carlisle Academy offers wellness opportunities in the form of ground-based (unmounted) equine-assisted learning programs. We use the tranquil farm environment to create a sensory-rich experience where all participants can benefit from the enrichment and personal growth that comes with being in the healing presence of horses and participating in individual or group-based activities which provide insight, immediate feedback, and valuable respite from the outside world. 

Please read here for more information on group and private sessions.

Wellness Retreats

Our Wellness Retreats are unmounted, equine-facilitated and nature-based wellness programs using the tranquility of the living-farm environment for respite and renewal. These half-day retreats will help participants gather their thoughts, make space to relax, and take positive steps for themselves in the structure of a supportive group, led by nationally trained, credentialed facilitators in this modality.

Please read here for more information on group retreats.

Sensory Camp 

The Sensory Family Camp is an occupational therapy program designed to provide a sensory-rich group experience for individuals with sensory processing challenges. During the 2-hour summer camp, participants rotate through structured stations with an emphasis on transitions, sensory integration activities, socialization opportunities, and motor planning exercises addressing individualized goals and improving overall function, wellness, and self-efficacy. Families may participate in activities and provide overall support. 

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FarmWELL is an inclusive farm-based wellness program for adultsTaught by credentialed Carlisle staff and master gardeners, it is designed for adults to soak in the healing farm environment and participate in wellness activities appropriate for their interests and abilities. Participants engage in learning modules that follow the seasonal rhythms of nature and the farm environment. 

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