Learning Lab Info & Enrollment

Continuing Education ~ Professional Development ~ Coach Training

Carlisle Academy is pleased to be an educational resource for equine therapy and sport professionals and practitioners. Our credentialed equestrian and clinical staff offer leadership programs at Carlisle Academy and across the country.

As part of our Core Values…

We believe that collaborative teamwork combined with credentialed professionals and courageous leadership foster innovation, greater efficacy, and program excellence.

Hours of Operation/Season

Program Days: Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm
See the current calendar for specific dates.

Learning Lab Eligibility & Enrollment Process

Coaches, therapists, practitioners, and undergraduates seeking professional development opportunities, please review the enrollment process and documentation needed below.

  1. The first step is to contact the office at Carlisle Academy to discuss space availability, program suitability, and costs (207-985-0374, info@carlisleacademymaine.com).
    • Program Options (listed above)
    • Review 2019 Tuition & Calendar (Coming soon)
  2. The Contact person for each internship or field course determines eligibility and assists with the necessary paperwork including applications and scholarships through our charitable partner, the Carlisle Charitable Foundation.
  3. An in-person interview or phone screening will be scheduled to review the applicant’s goals and learning objectives as well as the parameters and payment of the internship or course.
Area Accommodations

Find a complete list of accommodations here.

For more information, contact the office at 207-985-0374, or email your inquiry to info@carlisleacademymaine.com