Equine-Assisted Learning & Wellness

Equine-Assisted Learning & Wellness

Carlisle Academy has been offering wellness opportunities in the form of ground-based (unmounted) equine-assisted learning programs for over 12 years. We use the tranquil farm environment to create a sensory-rich experience where all participants can benefit from the enrichment and personal growth that comes with being in the healing presence of horses and participating in individual or team-based activities which provide insight, immediate feedback, and valuable respite from the outside world.

All ground-based wellness programs are nationally accredited by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International (PATH, Intl.) and facilitated by health professionals, supported by credentialed instructors and horse professionals.

The unmounted work with horses may involve liberty work in the round pen, leading exercises, group challenges, and herd observation. Some participants may choose to focus on basic grooming techniques while being present and benefitting from the close contact and sensory communication with the horse.

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For more information, contact the office at 207-985-0374, or email your inquiry to info@carlisleacademymaine.com.